Inf 336 Week 3

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Needs Identification and Specification

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INF 336

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September 17, 2012

Needs Identification and Specification

a. Why is it preferable to separate need identification and defining commercial equivalents into two separate stages?

The first step is to determine what is needed and why. The next step is to translate these needs into commercial equivalents so the suppliers can understand what is needed to satisfy the need. It is important for an organization to separate need identification and commercial equivalents into two stages in order to ensure the value opportunity is not overlooked (Johnson, Leenders, & Flynn, 2010). There is usually more than one way to solve a need and an organization must be able to evaluate all options in order to provide the best product possible. By separating these into two stages, it will allow them to visualize all possibilities of what is required to complete the need in order to reduce the cost, make it safer, or more innovative for end user.

b. Why is early supply/supplier important?

Early supply and supplier is important because of the high opportunity to affect value during the need identification and specification stages (Johnson, Leenders, & Flynn, 2010). Once a need is identified, an organization must know if the supply/supplier can meet the demands of the final product or service. An organization’s reputation is on the line, and if the supplies used to create the final product are inadequate, the final product will be a low valued product and rejected by the end users. Since there are many ways to satisfy a need, the organization must be certain their supplies and supplier are reputable enough in order to create a quality product. If the supplies and supplier can maintain a good business relationship with the organizations, then they will buy from them and everyone in the process will benefit.

c. What are the disadvantages of specifying by performance? What are...