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Water is a vital and finite resource to our daily life which we often take for granted. As illustrated above, the drops of water are being stored in a coin bank in the same manner as money and hence we should learn to save it well and use it wisely. Not only is water a limited resource, it has become physically scarce in densely populated arid regions such as North Africa.

We often get irritated by the sound of leaking faucets, but we never consider the wastage caused or the costs associated with it. The constant dripping could add up to gallons in no time which is also reflected on our water bills. One should not presume that they have the right to consume the resource recklessly simply because they for pay it and that it’s readily available. Water is also indispensible to agricultural production as well as industrial purposes, which are crucial to our social and economic well-being. To conserve this evermore precious resource, we should rein in our own water use. This includes turning off faucets when brushing our teeth or shaving and taking shorter showers in general. As well, washing machines and dishwaters should only run with full loads. Another smart move is to gather rainwater in barrels or containers for watering the plants, washing our cars, and other outdoor cleaning.

From the above, it is apparent that we can reduce our household water use without significantly changing our lifestyles. The government should put out a message to strive to “do more with less” as the first step towards water security. Furthermore, they could institute bylaws and offer rebate programs on purchase of water-saving appliances go green. Often, water and electricity consumption comes hand in hand such as in the case of dishwashers and washing machines. Hence we can add some savings to both of our electricity and water bills by keeping an eye on our water consumption – killing two birds with one stone.