Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics Paper


In Conclusion, Florida Hospital is operated by a Seventh Day Adventist Church. The hospital is the largest not-for-profit protestant health care system in the United States. This hospital has many organizational goals, one that deals with extending healing as Christ did. The ethical principles that this organization represents is being a Christian-based hospital that allows humans to achieve spiritual flourishing and avoiding evil. The ethical value of the Florida Hospital is to provide excellence service to all of its patrons. This of importance so that they can continue having patients return on a regular basis. Their employees take great value in making sure that the ethical values are enforced. At this hospital the patients are the number one priority. This organization is a very giving organization that is dedicated to the service of its patients. Patients are actively involved in the treatment options available to them based on their diagnosis. They are definitely socially responsible of the organization within the community. This is because they are promoting Christ’s healing. They have the responsibility of also educating the community and patients and preventing illnesses. Florida hospital has several resources that they utilize within the community for members which include Shepherd’s Hope and Healthy 100. This organization is a great example of a health care organization that stands behind their mission. They support the people and give them a spiritual outlet which is very beneficial to all that partake in it. This is a hospital that patients would be glad to get services rendered at because of all of the values that they stand behind.