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MY EATING HABITS: I eat three a day expect the one night I go to school during dinnertime. If I do snack it is either fruit or special k bars. I think I used to eat similarly to people my age until I started night class. Now I think I eat more than people my age because I get hungry late at night and I do not have time to exercise to burn off the calories. I have tried many different types of diets to loss weight. Recently, I have went to the doctor so that he can put me on a 1,500 calories diet a day to see if I will lose about 8-10lbs a month.

MY PYRAMID ANALYSIS: My pyramid analysis tells me I should be eating more of different food groups often. I definitely need to eat more grains (at 40%), vegetables (at 40%), fruits (at100%), milk (at 10%), oils (at 10%), and discretionary (now only at 30%). My health would benefit me more if I increased my grains, vegetables, milk, discretionary, and specially my oils they equal out together (only at 120%). My discretionary calories came in at 30%, oh my god! When I was going over the "tips" there are so many different things I can try in my diet.

Grains. I can et more whole-grains, like a slightly larger amount of whole-wheat bagels with cream cheese for breakfast and instead of skipping the long grain white rice at dinner try to add more serving of each food group. The serving size for long grain white rice is a ½ cup. Maybe I will substitute the rice at ½ cup for a ½ of bake potatoes. I can increase my discretionary by adding just a reeve’s cup; it added 222 to my discretionary according to the discretionary calories I eat?

Vegetables. I could eat more vegetables in my salad for lunch, green peppers, onions, and carrots. I should select vegetables that is high in potassium such as pickles and cumbers. I could get into the habit of having more fruits for lunch and a 3oz steak for dinner at least two times a week. By giving up sodas for lunch can help cut...