Operating Principle and Attributes of Raymond Mill

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Compared using the , the Raymond mill has increased performance, lower energy consumption, smaller sized coated region, much less one time investment. The grinding roller compressed to the grinding ring tightly resulting from the centrifugal force. Hence, the output and fineness from the finished product will not be impacted when the grinding ring is worn to a certain degree. The grinding roller and also the grinding ring have a prolonged replacement period, so it will get rid of the shortcoming the put on elements of centrifugal mills have a brief replacement period. The classifying airflow from the Raymond mill flows in line with the recycling course of action as: the fan mill shell cyclone separator the fan. Consequently, compared with the high speed centrifugal grinder, there exists much less powder dust, and the operation space is clean with no any pollution.

The lump substance will be conveyed in to the storage bin by the bucket elevator immediately after it really is crushed to the required particle size through the . Then electro will uniformly transfer the materials into the grinding chamber of the host machine. The material is up thrown and fed into the space among the grinding roller and grinding ring during the approach of synchronous rotation from the shovel as well as grinding roller, and types a cushion material layer. The materials on this layer is grinded in between the grinding roller as well as grinding ring. Hence, the objective of powder production is achieved. The grinded powder might be carried through the airflow of the fan in to the analyzer for classification. The powder with all the qualified fineness will enter the big cyclone collector, along with the airflow throughout the pipes, for classification, and then, might be discharged with the discharging device, as the completed item. The airflow is sucked to the air blower throughout the air return pipe about the upper portion of the massive cyclone collector. The unqualified...