Influence Aspects of Limestone Desulfurization

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Very first, the good quality from the limestone

Commonly, the excess weight percentage of calcium carbonate within the limestone need to be greater than 85%, the material is too very low is resulting from the impurities to run, resulting in the absorbers consumption and increased transportation fees, lowered gypsum purity.

Limestone good quality by the CaO information, the higher the limestone purity, the much better the desulfurization effectiveness. During the mix design and style, procedure layout, it truly is required to calculate the chemical composition, but additionally to understand its physical properties. The limestone is often a product with the calcium oxide material of 48% to 54%; limestone doesn't always need the CaO information the increased the improved. CaO> 54% limestone, and its substantial purity and the marble, not grinding, chemical stability is likewise not proper to implement as being a desulfurization agent.

2nd, the fineness of the limestone

The fineness with the limestone powder is an important factor affecting the desulfurization performance, reaction make contact with area largely determines the speed of chemical reactions, limestone powder, the finer the high quality the higher the precise surface location per unit mass with the make contact with place on the chemical reaction also higher. As the limestone dissolving reaction is strong liquid two phase reaction, the reaction rate of limestone particles is proportional for the distinct surface location, for that reason, more compact limestone particles dissolving performance, a variety of higher reaction rate to a more quickly price HSO3 slurry reaction, foremost to more quickly absorption of SO2 gas, substantial desulfurization efficiency and limestone utilization.

Limestone particle size smaller broken vitality consumption is greater. Grinding finer limestone powder, the require to get a larger mill consumption of the larger power, improved investment, which demands...