12 Angry Men

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12 Angry Men

Webster University

PROC 5840

Character Listing

Juror One - Martin Balsam

Juror Two - John Fiedler

Juror Three - Lee J. Cobb

Juror Four - E.G. Marshall

Juror Five - Jack Klugman

Juror Six - Edward Binns

Juror Seven - Jack Warden

Juror Eight - Henry Fonda

Juror Nine - Joseph Sweeney

Juror Ten - Ed Begley

Juror Eleven - George Voskovec

Juror Twelve - Robert Webber

Major Case Issues

An 18 year-old man is being charged with murdering his father based solely on circumstantial evidence. Some of the reasons the jury are convinced of his guilt include:

* The accused man was born and raised in the slums and according to Juror Three, "everyone knows that the slum is a breeding ground for criminals".

* The accused man was one of "them", which according to Juror Ten is more than enough evidence to send him to the electric chair (I take this to mean that the boy is a minority, and that Juror Ten is extremely racist).

* The accused man was abused by his father (whom he is accused of killing) his entire life, which according to several members of the jury is a perfect motive for murder.

* The accused man has had run-ins with the law his entire life. His rap sheet includes: throwing a rock at a teacher at age 10; stealing a car at age 15; and three arrests- once for mugging and twice for knife fights (the knife fights are especially indicative of his violent behavior and skill with knives; both of which support the guilty verdict).

* The accused man was heard telling his father, "I'm going to kill you" during a fight that turned physical earlier in the evening of the murder.

* The accused man purchased a knife identical to the murder weapon just hours before his father was killed. According to the shop owner that sold the knife, it was "one of a kind" and it was a near impossibility that a similar knife would have been bought/sold in the area. Coincidentally, the boy lost his knife some time that evening...