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First Grade News!

The Week of Sept. 24th, 2012

Monday 24th: Assembly, Hot Lunch, Gym

Tuesday 25th: Hot Lunch, Computers

Wednesday 26th: Dress Down Day, Hot Lunch, Pizza/Ice Cream Money Due, Library - (Bring back Library Books)

Thursday 27th: Mass, Hot Lunch, Art

Friday 28th: Mass, Pizza/Ice Cream, Music

Monday 24th: Magazine Sale Begins

Homework: Remember that any papers that go home can be considered homework. It is a great way to practice what we have been doing in class and to reinforce these skills.

Reading Calendar: The September reading calendar is due at the end of the month so keep on reading!!!!!!! Reading is so important in First Grade.

Brrrrr! It is getting colder so please make sure your child

has a jacket, hat, and gloves. Thanks!

Gym Shoes: Please make sure your child has a pair of gym shoes for Mondays. If they do not have the correct shoes, such as dress shoes or boots, they won’t be allowed to participate since these shoes ruin the gym floor.

Script: If you do not know what SCRIPT is please ask Lois in the office. It is a great asset to our school and also helps you save on tuition!

!!!We Have Chocolate Milk!!!

If you would like to purchase milk for you child please send in either $12 for half of the year or $24 and you will be paid for the whole year. The students love having their chocolate milk back!

The Gala was a huge success last weekend! Everything turned out great and all of the hard work put into decorating and preparing, paid off! Congratulations everyone and thanks to all of you who helped!

We are starting our reading program this week so we have a very busy week ahead of us! They will be having their first spelling test on Friday so please start studying every night! They can write them, say them verbally, or play any sort of game with the words.

**If someone other than you is picking up your child, or they have a change in their bus schedule, please make sure...