Nutrition Multivitamin Review

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April 19, 2012


Multi vitamin check point

I currently take Nature’s Bounty Prenatal vitamins. I take these because I have a seven month old baby girl I am currently nursing and it is important for me to take these. I read about a few of the benefits from what vitamins and minerals are in these daily tablets. This vitamin contains thiamin B1 which is needed for neurotransmitter synthesis and normal nerve function. A few things that can happen if I have a deficiency of this can be weakness, heart changes, or poor coordination. Another vitamin is Niacin. This is beneficial because it is needed for energy metabolism. If I am lacking in niacin, I may experience dermatitis on areas exposed to the sun, dementia, just to name a couple. I find it important to take these not only for my own health, but most definitely for my babies health. She relies on me and how I treat my body. Taking this vitamin does bring higher levels of thiamin then I should take daily as well as cutting it close to other vitamins and minerals. I am not too certain but I feel that maybe it is alright because these vitamins and minerals are for the baby as well because of me nursing her. It usually takes extreme doses of vitamins or minerals to reach toxicity. Some consequences include possible permanent effects such as bone remodeling(information my mother told me). Some may also cause kidney stones. There may also be renal effects as well. I would like to learn and do more research on prenatal vitamins.