Business Plan

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Business Plan

Diana Cortes

Fantasy Weddings

5780 W Oglethorpe HWY

Hinesville, GA 31313

Telephone: (912) 234-1450

Fax: (912) 234-0541


I. Table of Contents

I. Table of Contents 2

II. Executive Summary 3

III. General Company Description 4

IV. Products and Services 5

V. Marketing Plan 6

VI. Personal Financial Statement 9

VII. Operational Plan 13

VIII. Financial Plan 14

II. Executive Summary

Fantasy Weddings is a full service wedding planning company that will provide services for weddings, holy unions and anniversaries. We will have a dedicated and professional staff that will help make the brides dreams for their wedding come true. At Fantasy Weddings we give our customers our undivided attention. We help them create their wedding budget and help them stay within the set budget. We will carry out the couple’s vision for their wedding. We will make all the arrangements for the wedding. We will reserve the location of the wedding, hire all the services that are require for the wedding and ensure that everything is ready for the wedding. We will also do the honeymoon reservations.

III. General Company Description

Fantasy Weddings will be located in Hinesville, Georgia on HWY 84. Fantasy Weddings is a wedding planning business. We will take care of all the details of planning a wedding from beginning to end. This business will be the first of is kind based out of Hinesville, since most wedding planners in the area are in Savannah. This is a startup business and it is going to be a two people partnership.

Mission Statement

We want to be the best wedding planners in the business. Fantasy Weddings mission is to create the perfect wedding for our customers. We want to provide our customers with the wedding of their dreams. We know how special the wedding day is for a couple, especially for the bride. This is the day that every girl dreams off and as such it should be the perfect day. It is the day that...