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IT117 has been an instrumental compass in my life thus far, for as far as I can remember I have always been intrigued with technology, moreover, the underlying operations of such technology. I can clearly remember the first time opening a computer tower, I felt like a child opening up a gift on Christmas morning, the excitement of seeing the connection between the memory, motherboard, hard drive and cd rom and the different type wires which makes a computer operates was just amazing. Beyond that it is just 1’s and 0’s. Before registering for this course I had no knowledge of html code, but was familiar with the idea of coding in general.

This course, has allowed me to discover the artistic side of me that I never knew I had; as I normally described myself as a simple and transparent individual. One of the discoveries of this course for me is the use of hex and how it plays a pivotal role in web design and computers in general. I have demonstrated this by the use of CSS which controls the color scheme of the background, font styles, sizes and color for web pages. I have learnt it is also important to have the correct text, contrast and navigation for the creation of a user friendly web page. If the text is hard to read, or pictures take long to load, or there is no proper navigation system on the website people will leave. Another interesting part I found about this course is that it granted me the ability to create a web site with the use of a program that is embedded inside the operating system. Being classed as IT person, I have experience firsthand that budget is a major factor in everything we do. So to learn that I can create a beautiful website for free is an added bonus.

In today’s society effective costumer service, via effective communication is one of the major attributes to a company’s success. This course has improved my interaction with my peers through our constant responses on the discussion boards. One of my future goals is to open a...

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