Ledgraphix Group Project

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Bid proposal for LedGrafix

Wilmington University

Bid Proposal for LedGrafix

Accessed LedGrafix’s current location in Phoenix, AZ to identify the needs and concerns for their future expansion and IT needs. Recommend keeping the current location as a hot or warm site as a disaster recovery location and move current operations to Flagstaff, AZ. Flagstaff is approximately 145 miles from current location and is capable of meeting the needs of the company. If a future event were to cause the need to relocate, the cities are close enough that it would ease a relocation; but far enough apart that an event in one city will not necessarily effect the other. Flagstaff also has a major interstate highway that would make the receiving and shipping of products conducive to operations.

Departments identified in the initial assessment were accounting and payroll, research and development, sales and marketing, order processing, shipping, and receiving, secretarial and office management staff, upper management, customer relations and support, and technology support. Currently all these departments’ total 62 users, our proposal will allow for an expansion of employees and users to the network with the ability to increase or decrease users as the need arises.

Our proposal recommends a combination of policies, software, and hardware both in-house and Cloud technologies.

Acceptable Encryption Policy

1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance that limits the use of encryption to those algorithms that have received substantial public review and have been proven to work effectively. Additionally, this policy provides direction to ensure that Federal regulations are followed, and legal authority is granted for the dissemination and use of encryption technologies outside of the United States.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to all LedGrafix employees and affiliates.

3.0 Policy

All LedGrafix encryption shall be done...