The Friends

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In our daily activities, we often get in touch with the others; and from these relations, we meet some people whom we choose as our friends. Friendship is very important, because it helps people to be kind and love each other. When I am at school, at work, or at a certain place, I have many friends, many people who I know, but not many good friends. However, some of them are the friends whom I get along with more than others. Among of my close friends, Dung and Sang are very different from each other on many points rather than similar.

First, these two men are different in their physical appearance. Dung does not wear glasses, but Sang does. Dung is much taller and skinner than Sang is. He is also very agile. That is why he has qualified for our school basketball team. He is also one of our school’s best athletes. He specializes in the hurdles and high jump events. On the contrary, Sang is kind of fat; and he weighs about 170 pounds. When they stand beside each other, I see their contrast clearly. It is often said that they look like number one next to number zero. And Sang’s skin is lighter than Dung’s, because he could have inherited it from his mother, and played more indoor games than outdoor sports under the sunshine. Unlike Sang, Dung has tanned skin, partially natural due to his parentage. It is easily to recognize them from far away because of their fine distinction of physical appearance.

In addition, their personalities are somewhat different. Dung belongs to the type of extrovert, who tends to have the orientation to the external world. With his open mood, Dung often starts a conversation actively, and makes friend with the other person whom he meets in social situations. On the other hand, Sang is an introvert person, who has self confidence, due to his well developed sense of identity and self knowledge gained through introspection. He will not start a conversation with anyone unless he knows the person well enough....