What Women Gone to Suffer the Changes of Beauty

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All little girls should be told they’re beautiful even if they aren’t.

How many women had suffered to be beautiful? , who or what is attributed for this?. Women had gone to the extreme to achieve the perfect idea of beauty by mutilating themselves , After World War II Chinese woman had suffer a lot of pain to be beautiful by practicing what is called Foot Binding where they used this method to keep the feet from growing. The trend in the appearance of female breasts in Europe in the 14th century was having a flat torso, where breasts were hidden and tightly bound. Throughout history, there were many procedures done by doctors to change a shape and size of female breasts. At the beginning of the 20th century, cosmetic surgery experimented with a method of inserting a brained silk, particles of celluloid, vegetable ivory, and other foreign materials into a woman’s chest. We can only imagine what the physical reactions were after their use of these stuffed materials. After a while, plastic surgeons injected substances such as collagen, paraffin directly into women’s breasts had a tendency to move to other parts of the body causing deformations and death of the skin. The media as well as society have influence how women are perceived as being beautiful, it has been found that magazines targeted primarily to women included a greater number of articles and advertisements aimed at weight reduction, for instance when media was introduced to the Fiji culture, it has deteriorate traditions that had been in the culture for a long time. A study done 4 years after the media was introduced show that 11% of the girls population had gone thru some sort of diet to watch they’re weight which is the same percentage found in a city like Milwaukee.