Intelligence Versus Wisdom

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Carrie Schyan-Watkins

PSY 220


Mandy Smith


When I started to think about who I could choose that is intelligent and acted unwise, I came up with a long list of people. I could have chosen individuals like, President Bill Clinton, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, or even Charlie Sheen. Each one of these people is very intelligent in their own way and has been very unwise from time to time. However, I decided to go with Michael Vick. Michael Vick is a 31 year old Quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. He is a very intelligent man on and off the field. His intelligence on the football field have enabled his team to win time and time again. Michael played high school football at Homer L. Ferguson High and Warwick High. He went on to play college ball at Virginia Tech. Michael had a great career going for him with the Atlanta Falcons until he chose a very unwise decision. Vick made the unwise decision to become a part of an illegal interstate dog fighting ring. This decision not only cost him his position on the Falcon’s roster it also put him in prison for 21 months and house arrest for 2 more months. I believe Michael Vick had a lack of emotional and successful intelligence when he decided to be a part of this dog fighting ring. He was very insensitive and arrogant. He also did not think about the practicality of what he was doing. The aspect of wisdom this person lacks is the deep understanding and realization of people, things, and situations. Michael Vick had no compassion for the animals he put into the ring to fight. He also lacked the ability to act with appropriate judgment. All of this is what caused him to have to except his consequences. Ultimately, he was released from the Atlanta Falcons and picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles. His unwise actions cost him a lot. Hopefully he has learned his lesson and will continue to share his intelligence on...