Fast Food

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Why are so many Americans drawn to fast food? Do they realize what goes on behind the scenes? The fast food industry operates by assembly lines. This means cheap labor because the workers specialize in one skill and are classified as unskilled labor. So, our fast food is cheap and we eat it because it's cheap, it fills us up and we have more money in our pockets to spend on other things. But, is this the way it should be?

Fast food is the food of choice for many people because engineers have skewed it to be cheap only to make healthy food become more expensive. In my opinion, organic foods are what we should be putting in our bodies. But the problem is these foods are very expensive. My solution is better regulation of the fast food industry with stricter laws for hiring and producing quality foods.

Unfortunately, it's not just the fast food industry that is ruining Americans health. The meat industry needs better laws and regulations as well. The average person eats 200 lbs of meat per year but if they knew how the animals are treated and what they're being fed, I believe they would reconsider what they're eating. Chickens are being fed antibiotics to make them grow faster and fatter. The slaughtering conditions are many times horrendous with workers treating the animals with no respect and abusing the animals. The reasons for much of this mistreatment is due to the fact that the workers themselves were unhappy with the way they were being treated and would get revenge on the animals.

In many instances the conditions of the animals are unsanitary with them standing in their own manure. This means if one animal has a diseases chances are high that the rest will get it. Ecoli was found in foods in 2006 except, before the plants knew about this way before 2006 when the meat was exposed with Ecoli. Again, I believe the meat industry and the food industry as a whole should be better regulated so as to protect the consumer and the animals being...