Fantastic Voyage

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Fantastic Voyage!

Battle of the lung

Sherry Cash

HS 130 1203B Unit 4 Assignment

Kaplan University

August 29, 2012

Fantastic Voyage

Hello and welcome to Today’s Health. You will be joining me Sherry, your ace reporter for Augusta Health, as we journey through the body of a healthy female, from her right femoral vein, to a battle going on in her lungs even as we speak. But first we need to go through a miniaturization process so that our submarine (8 Microns long) will be able to be injected into the femoral vein of Ms. Sturgis. From the femoral vein we will travel through the right pulmonary artery to the lower right lung describing the sights and happenings as we go. Once we have visited the lung we will cross the alveolar membrane and exit out the nose.

The femoral vein is located in the upper right thigh and pelvic region of the body and runs close to the femoral artery (Yahoo Health, 2012).   It’s one of the largest veins in the venal system (Yahoo Health, 2012).   The femoral vein returns blood in the leg to the heart via the iliac vein (WiseGeek, 2012). As we travel north on our journey we pass through the External and Common Iliac veins on our way to the small intestines (Superior Mesenteric) where if we look closely we can see most of the colon. The common iliac veins are the vessels that bring the blood to the heart. It has 2 main veins, which are joined together to form the inferior mesenteric or the lower half of the large intestines. The function of this vein is to bring the de-oxygenated blood from the legs as well as the other lower regions of the body to the right atrium. We are now traveling up the inferior mesenteric, through the celiac where if we look out the little windows we can see the spleen, which holds extra blood, the stomach, which is where digestion starts, and the liver, which is so large it fills the entire upper right section of the abdominal cavity and part way into...