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Management Information Systems (MIS) is the discipline which focuses on the management of information and communications technology elements within business organizations.

Specifically, MIS places distinct emphasis on the three core facets through which an organization processes information - people, processes, and information technologies. MIS places focus on design of systems that will improve an organization's operational efficiency, add value to existing products, engender innovation and new product development, enhance or add new features to distribution channels and other elements of commercial systems, support collaboration of distributed teams, and help managers make better decisions.

MIS supports almost all functional areas and operating divisions of business. In finance and accounting, it is used to forecast revenue and business activity, determine the best sources and uses of funds, managing cash and other financial resources, analyzing investment and financial health of an organization. In sales and marketing it is used to develop new goods and services (product analysis), determine the best location for production and distribution facilities (site analysis), determining the best advertising and sales approaches ( promotion analysis) and set product prices to get the highest total revenues ( price analysis). In manufacturing it is used to process customer orders, develop production schedules, control inventory lends and monitor product quality. It is also used in service industries such as airline industry and railways to serve customers better. In banks and other investment firms it is used to make good investments and sanction sound loans. In HR function it is used in deciding the changes to be made in the organization structure, succession planning and alignment of roles and responsibilities of each position with organizational objectives.