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This report is mainly discussing about the different types of commitment in marketing and also how commitment may be measured. The main findings are there are three types of commitments, which includes affective commitment, continuance commitment and also normative commitment. The next finding is how commitment can be measured.




In general terms, commitment basically means “determination and loyalty”. (Gosby 1999, 132) But in the context of marketing, it is usually referring to the linkage between a firm and customer. Nowadays, customer commitments are considered as key variables to the relationships between customer and a firm. It is basically based from shared values in both parties and every positive impact may promise a long term relationships.

Meyer and Herscovitch (2001) defined commitment as “a force that binds an individual to a course of action of relevance to one or more targets. As such, commitment is distinguishable from exchange based forms of motivation and from target-relevant attitudes and can influence behaviour even in the absence of intrinsic motivation or positive attitudes”.





According to Fullerton (2003,334),there are two types of commitments: “affective commitment is based on liking and identification and continuance commitment is based on dependence and switching costs.”Affective commitment is the strong emotional attachment to the organisation where the customers are involved in, and also benefit from. It is actually the identification and the sense of belonging to the organization made the customers enjoys being a part of the organization and therefore they stayed loyal to the firm.

For example,...