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Republic of the Philippines)

Quezon City ) S.S


I, CHARLES I. NABAT, Filipino, of legal age, single, with residence at No. 37 Nellie St. Gulod, Novaliches, Quezon City, after having been duly sworn in accordance with law, voluntarily depose and state the following:

1.) That I am a duly elected Homeroom President of Grade 7-Service on July 22, 2012 of San Bartolome High School, San Bartolome, Nova., Q. C., SY 2012-2013; filed a formal complaints against Cecilia Mejico et al, all teachers of San Bartolome High School, for election sabotage, conspiracy and dishonesty which are acts of omission leading to Gross Misconduct for government employees;

2.) That I have presented to the COMELEC, headed by Mrs. Cecilia Mejico et al, a legal/notarized document as authentic proof of my guardianship for my ward studying in San Bartolome High School before the conduct of the election on July 22, 2012 at San Bartolme High School, San Bartolome, Nova., Q. C., SY 2012-2013 as required by DepEd 54 S 2009;

3.) That I have personal knowledge about the special favor given to Kgd. Rizza Pascual of Barangay San Bartolome who should have been disqualified to run for GPTA post;

4.) That I‘ve read and saw the unnotarized letter she submitted to the COMELEC, headed by Cecilia Mejico, before GPTA election which was made by her father,B/Capt. Lamberto Pascual, who is also a Chairman of Barangay San Bartolome; “Annex A”

5.) That the composition of COMELEC clearly violated the DepEd 77 S 2009 #2;”Annex B” for there were Four(5) Teachers namely: Mr. Cecilia Mejico, Ms. Cynthia Jabinal, Ms. Alue Mercado and Mrs. Evangeline Relano with no Parent representative in the COMELEC composition instead of having two(2) teachers and four(4) parents’ representative;

6.) That I questioned and lodged my protest regarding the legality of Kgd. Rizza Pascual’s presented unnotarized document aside from the fact that she is a...