Environmental Policy - Waste Disposal

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1 Purpose 1 6 Preparation 2

2 Field of application 1 7 Attention 2

3 Responsibility 1 8 Breakdown 3

4 Cross reference documentation 1 9 Check 5

5 Approval 1 10 Practical check 5

1 Purpose

This working instruction and training module is designed to provide information, instruction and training and to meet with local, national and EU health and safety standards where applicable.

2 Field of application

Geographical Scope Business Field / Unit Specific application

England, Scotland,

Wales and Northern Ireland All This process applies to any KN workplace, temporary or permanent employee

3 Responsibility

The QSHE manager is responsible for ensuring the working instructions detailed within this module are implemented and, the training contained within this module is rendered to all those persons operating the associated equipment/task; he/she will review this module at least annually or sooner should any there be any reason to suspect that it is no longer suitable, adequate or sufficient.

The line manager will provide adequate supervision to ensure the standards contained within this module are maintained.

The PTC trainer will only use approved modules, will follow the modules whilst conducting training and will ensure that only those persons successfully completing this training are recommended for authorisation to carry out the task.

4 Cross reference documentation

This module was based upon the findings of the following risk assessment(s): WUKMIK-143RA008; WUKMIK-143RA011; WUKMIK-143RA015; WUKMIK-143RA018

5 Approval

Created by

(Practical trainer): Arthur Young Created on: 05/08/2010 Signature:

Approved by

(Manager) David Walker Approved on: 05/08/2010 Signature:

Checked by

(PTA assessor): Arthur Young Assessed on: 05/08/2010 Signature:

6 Preparation

Equipment / preparation Cardboard baler

Required PPE Hi-vis vest safety shoes, gloves

Session length New starter: 20mins....