Dachshund Trivias

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Me and my Girl

just a few trivias about dachshunds :)

Did you know the legendary Picasso once owned a dachshund named “Lump” and that Lump appeared in several of his paintings and sketches?

It’s the truth. Proof is in the bookPicasso & Lump: A Dachshund’s Odyssey, which is one of our favorites and the ultimate coffee table book for dachshund lovers!

Did you know the World’s Oldest Dog was a dachshund?

It’s true. “Chanel” , a wire-haired dachshund from Long Island, NY, was named the “World’s Oldest Living Dog” by the Guinness Book of Records when she turned 21 years old on May 6th, 2009. Unfortunately, Chanel died August 28th of that same year, but not before she had lived over 147 dog years!

Did you know the part of Dorothy’s pet dog in “The Wizard of Oz” was originally scripted for a dachshund named “Otto”?

No joke! In the 1939 movie, Otto the miniature dachshund played Dorothy’s dog until the studio replaced him due to anti-German hostility. His replacement was a Norwich terrier who they called “Toto” instead of “Otto.” And the rest is history. The photo above, from unreleased movie footage, shows Dorothy singing “Over the Rainbow” with Otto in the background!

Did you know the first official

Olympic mascot was a dachshund?

That’s right. “Waldi” the dachshund (above), official mascot of the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, was the first official olympic mascot. Waldi was modeled after an actual long-haired Dachshund named “Cherie von Birkenhof.” Cute!