Improving Cleanliness

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(OCTOBER 2008) - BEL

How Malaysian can improve the level of cleanliness

Naturally what will you do when you'd finished chewing gums as you are walking in the park? Are you going to spit it out anywhere or just keep walking until you find the trash can? The question sound simple but believe it or not, your answer will indicate Malaysian awareness on cleanliness in public. Recreational area is not the only victim of eyes pollution; even the public toilet, sidewalk, and many more places had been spotted in a really gruesome condition. Factually, the condition of public cleanliness portrayed the community's hygiene level. Are we willing to be labelled by the outsider that Malaysian is lack of responsible in managing sanitation in public places? Hence, how Malaysian can put their heads together to improve the level of cleanliness among the society?

The best approach in increasing the level of awareness of cleanliness is begins at home. Like most people say, charity begins at home. Parents can start educate their child as early as possible. Show the proper manner in managing daily routine such as using the toilet appropriately, tidying their bedrooms; arrange shoes well at shoes rack, and other simple regular activity. When the children get used to such simple responsible, there will be no problems when it comes to the real world because they had got early expose on how to deal with the current atmosphere well. Anyhow, instead of instruct children to take care on the surrounding cleanliness, parents should also implement the activity with their children so that it will be a joyous activity instead of burden. If every family tend to implement this tip, it is possible if soon the public places are in a really admirable condition.

However, to get real, this problem is actually in a quite critical state, thus using an influential medium is quite rational though. I reckon the power of media can be benefit in encourage Malaysian in increasing their understanding. Custom...