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Dayton reggae fest occurs every year, where Ohio celebrates reggae in Downtown Summer Music Series. This year, Dayton reggae festival celebrated its 25th anniversary through presenting sounds and rhythms of the Caribbean city. This year’s festival represented seven Ohio reggae bands, with celebrated artists. In addition, the Dayton reggae festival had soulful music, freshly prepared food, and a representation of arts. The Dayton reggae festival is the longest running reggae festival in Ohio.


This years Dayton reggae festival featured seven live reggae bands that performed live on two stages. The music at the Dayton reggae fest included artists such as Jah Soul, Andy Shaw Band, Demolition Crew, Shrub, and Seefari. All this artists performed reggae music that mainly originated from the Caribbean city. All the music performed during the Dayton Reggae Fest included music from the past to the present and featured new and upcoming artists in the reggae music genre.


Another culture in the Dayton Reggae fest included the representation of art and fine art. It is clear that every year the Dayton reggae festival includes a lot of live art among the day’s different amusements. The festival included interactive painting, art installations, graffiti art, beautiful sculptures, and gallery from Caribbean artists. Visual images is a main component in the festival and represents the cultural constitute of Ohio, whereby the Caribbean art scene is showcased, which further educates the community about music, art, and cultural provisions. Another form of art performed in Dayton Reggae festival is Dayton Ballet, which is one of the most popular professional dances in the United States. The festival also features a progressive dance show that presents different dances from different states.


Dayton reggae fest teams up with local restaurants and businesses throughout the state...