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Question 1

1.1 The target group of the advert is a young family. This is because the advert displays a family, with two young children. This is aimed at a family who likes adventure and likes to go places on holiday.

1.2 The claim about the product is that Renault Scenic can take you everywhere.

1.3 There is no surprise element for the reader, because the headline states Renault. The audience of the ad knows what to expect, and if they don’t like Renault, or feel that they want to read about Renault, they will not continue reading ad. There is not a neutral feeling about the point of view for the reader.

1.4 Hard sell. There are references to the features of the Renualt. E.g. they explain the powerful engine that is 16-valve. The text mentioned the space and all the other features.

1.5 The text structure is End-means structure. The advert opens with a description of a situation that has been given certain evaluation. The attention given to the text is because of the opening line that attracts attention. Renualt takes you everywhere. You then read the dairy of the boy who is part of the picture in the front of the ad. This could persuade readers to believe that their family’s could have similar experience in a Renualt.

1.6 The body copy of the advert is not credible, and it would not convince me that it was written by a 12 year old boy. The boy in the text writes above the ability of a 12 year old boy. A 12 year old boy would not focus on the features of a car in such detail. A 12 year old boy is very unlikely to be so specific about the times he makes dairy entries, and to write on such a regular basis in such detail does not seem legit.

1.7 The text in the ad is very casual and easy to understand. When more technical terms are used, they do give explanations, for example “the emergency braking system: the EBA”

1.8 The visual image does not really attract my attention, no visualising techniques are used to attract...

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