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Technology White Paper

New Generation Operations Software and Systems (NGOSS)



This Paper provides a brief description of the Tele Management Forum’s NGOSS (New

Generation Operations Software and Systems). TeleManagement Forum (TMF) is an

international membership organization of communications service providers and suppliers to

the communications industry. TMF is regarded as the most authoritative source for standards

and frameworks in OSS/BSS.

Operations Support Systems (OSS) is a suite of software designed specifically to manage a

large network infrastructure, connecting individual sub-systems. OSS supports processes such

as management, inventory, engineering, planning, billing and repair functions for telecom

service provider’s networks.

A complementary term Business Support Systems (BSS) typically refers to ‘business systems’

dealing with customers supporting processes such as taking orders, processing bills and

collecting payments.

OSS and BSS systems together are often abbreviated as OSS/BSS. Component-based

OSS/BSS solutions improve the management of service planning, deployment and operations

in a multi-service, multi-vendor, multi-technology environment.

Today’s service providers are required to manage a complex set of products, networks and

services in a dynamic, competitive market. There is a world wide focus on automating

Operations, Management and Business Processes by utilising technologies and solutions

within Global telecom industry. To achieve this, standard requirements needs to be identified

by following a market-centric approach and involving key industry players. Telecom service

providers have started focusing on the realization of converged Next Generation Networks

(NGN) for which an appropriate architecture for operation, administration and maintenance

need to be established.

Based on state-of-the-art information technology, NGOSS facilitates service providers to

maximise their return on...