Under Armour Retail Assignment

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Under Armour: Sport Mart Vs Sport Chek

Assignment 2

BBUS 4430


For this project we have chosen the brand of Under Armour. Under Armour is an American based sportswear company that offers a wide variety of items ranging from Compression Shirts to Sweatpants. Under Armour was started in 1995 by Kevin Plank. He noticed that after he would play football his undershirt would be soaked with sweat. Kevin also noticed that his compression shorts did not get wet like his undershirts. From this he decided to place emphasis on a product that included a moisture wicking fabric. This is exactly how Under Armour works, it wicks the moisture off of your body to prevent any dampness. From that Under Armour branched off into ColdGear which focused on letting moisture through the fabric while containing body heat. Under Armour had sales of just over 100,000 in 1997, and as of 2009 sales of over 856 million dollars. Under Armour’s target market focuses on people with an active lifestyle, both male and female ranging from young to old.

The Website

Under Armour’s website is one that is very easy to locate. There website URL of http://www.underarmour.com/(ca) brings you directly to their website. Searches of “Under”, “Armour”, and “Underarmour” all return with top 1 and 2 results in a google search. The Under Armour website is laid out in a manner that features new products but allows for easy navigation to specific products. Here one is able to navigate through all of Under Armour’s product line. Under Armour offers a very wide product line ranging from Male and Female that include all of the following:

Under Armour Product Line

Shirts and Tops | Polos | Leggings and Tights | Sandals | Jackets | Backpacks and Bags |

SweatShirts | T Shirts | Shorts | Boots | Vests | * |

Longsleeves | Tanks | Shoes | Undershirts | HeadGear | * |

Shortsleeves | Pants | Cleats | Underwear | Gloves | * |

Once you find the product that you would like to purchase...