Unit 3 Assignment

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Unit three Written Assignment


MT435 Operations Management

Kaplan University

September 11, 2012


KU Consulting is a firm that has a very high level of expertise in Operations Management. I will be providing your company, Albatross Anchor, with a proposal which will outline areas that you are able to improve your business and become more profitable. We here at KU Consulting pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, reliability and providing the very best quality to all of our customers.

What I have learned about Albatross Anchor is that the company is growing at a rapid pace and is facing a number of operational challenges just as many growing businesses are today as well. Albatross has been selling products at the same rate and their competitors have been however, has not been able to realize their maximum profit potential because of the fact that there are these operational inefficiencies. Once we aid Albatross in overcoming these challenges, the company will be able to reach the same profit level as their competitors have. With the assistance of KU Consulting, Albatross will soon be able to continue with their company growth and invest more in to the business. It is my goal, as a KU Consulting representative to support Albatross and teach you how to focus on the everyday operations in the company as will suggest ways of making the company, as a whole, operate more effectively and efficiently. Together, we will manage and maintain quality in the company and incorporate a number of positive changes which will produce favorable results in the process. We are able to examine how we can measure and design processes and make any corrections necessary with the use of KU Consulting’s operations department. I will be there every step of the way and will offer you the key ideas and principles on how you can obtain a competitive advantage, increase employee participation, and become a successful manufacturing and...