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Lexus T. Gettings

Professor Fong

English 190

18 September 2012

Adrenaline Junkie – someone who seeks out and craves thrilling adventures and/or activities to get an adrenaline rush. (

Is that the way you would describe and adrenaline junkie? In my eyes, it’s the perfect definition. My name is Lexus T. Getting and I’m an adrenaline junkie.

It has always been a huge topic when friends of mine discussed skydiving. As we called up the place, located in Lodi, Ca, we discovered that the pricing was fairly reasonable. Not only that but it was close to home so we could save on gas. We set a date and were ecstatic that one of our, “things to achieve,” on our bucket list was about to be accomplished.

Two weeks have passed each day more adrenaline than the next, and the day to travel and jump out of a perfectly functional plane sprung upon us. Filled with ecstasy, we loaded up the car and drove down to the skydiving unit. It was roughly a two and a half hour drivewith music blaring in the back seats. We see the sign, Lodi next exit, and we realized that we have reached out destination. We have angst in our bellies but courageous hearts to move forward.

It took several minutes to fill out insurance papter work; our angst kept building. We spoke among ourselves if this was even worth it? Of course, we didn’t travel one hundred and seventy-five miles to chicken out minutes before we set up for flight. We pushed our fear aside and moved into the safety area. We looked inside, we saw stacks of diving jackets, goggles and a mountain of parachute bags the size of Mt. Helena. We then are instructed to put on our suits and are taught how to jump out of the plane safely. We had no idea we were tandem jumping, which means, we don’t jump solo, we jump with our instructor attached to us. Huge relief.

As we buckled our last buckled, we are connected to our instructors then head out the next landing jet. At this point, my gut was oozing with...