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1.3: Balancing Act: How to Manage Negotiation Tensions by Susan Hackley

Through reading this section, I learned the three tensions in negotiation. One is between creating and distributing value. It teaches you how to get yourself fair share while exploring way to “enlarge the pie.” I learned you should focus to protect your core distributive interest, and try to make you get more value in the negotiation. At the same time, don’t share too much information, or give away too much value. Two is between empathy and assertiveness. At any time, you cannot lose self-confident, but you should have patience to listen the opponent explain and get new and useful information. Three is between principals and agents. One way to manage the principal-agent tension is to acknowledge it up front and treat it as a “ shared problem” and recognizing that the “use of agents complicates bargaining by creating a web of relationships in which a variety of actors interact.

1.5: Effective Negotiating Techniques: From Selecting Strategies to Side-Stepping Impasses and Assumptions by Gerard Nierenberg and Henry Calero

I think this section is more useful. It teaches you a lot of strategies to side-stepping impasses and assumptions, through yourself characteristics, you can find a best strategies for you. In silence, if you can appear to be gifted with those characteristics, you will be considered a gifted negotiator. I learned a lot of strategies and tactics about negotiation. Although there are many way for negotiation, but the first you should understand you or your team characteristic, then analyses the strategies and tactics, and choosing the best way for negotiation. You should understand your opponent as much as possible. It is good for prepare the best strategies and tactics to face you opponent. Knowing yourself and opponent, you will always win.

1.10: Even at Megastores, Hagglers Find No Price is Set in Stone by Matt Richtel

This section tells me a lot of exercise of shopping’s...