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Service Request SR-rm-022


September 24, 2012

Service Request SR-rm-022

Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer. Its personnel department is compromised by 550 employees and their anticipated yearly earnings ranges upwards of $46 million. The company is a Fortune 1000 company and solely owned by Riordan Manufacturing Industries. Riordan headquarters is located in San Jose, CA, and is the main focal point of development and research. Riordan manufactures custom plastic parts fabricated in their Pontiac customers include the Department of Defense, beverage makers, automotive manufacturers and appliances. Nonetheless, Riordan Manufacturing is a developing coming, and is always considering differential factors that will increase the probability of the company.

Riordan Manufacturing COO Hugh McCauley is proposing a leading edge information system to incorporate current HR tools into a combine application. In the request Smith Service Consulting will be responsible for providing and creating Riordan information system. To accomplish the desired goal the, a comprehensive analysis of Riordan current system will need to be implemented. The analysis will disclose the beneficial factors of the current systems and the factors that need to be remove and updated. Furthermore, supplementary data will also be necessary from end users. Interviews of stakeholders will be conducted to entail their opinion the current and proposed system. The individuals involved in the interview would be President and CEO Dr. Michael Riordan, COO Hugh McCauley, director of human resources Yvonne McMillian, and chief legal counsel Lowell Bradford. CEO Dr. Michael Riordan is founder of the organization is quoted “determines and formulates all business strategies: (Riordan Manufacturing, 2012). The addition of a new information system will demand beneficial information from the CEO, because he has partaken in the involvement of the company since the start....