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My Past, Present, and Future

Shekeya McCallister

PSY 202

Rochelle Gallagher

September 17, 2012

My Past, Present, and Future

I. Where are you from?

* Brooklyn, NY

* Major city

* Raised in public housing

* City that never sleeps

II. What are some of your favorite memories?

* Going to school with grandfather

* Dancing with my grandmother (dance contests)

* Spending time with friends

III. Who were the most important people in your life?

* Mom

* Grandmother

* Grandfather

* Best friend

IV. What did you do after you left school?

* Lived in NY for one year

* Married my HS sweetheart

* Worked two jobs

* Went to college

* Moved to Germany with my husband (military)

V. What are your personal, professional, and academic goals?

* Be more organized

* Be a role model for others

* Continue to further my education

* Obtain my masters in HSA

VI. How can you contribute to your community or to the world in the future?

* Impact on health care

* Improve the value of healthcare

* Share learning experiences

My Past, Present, and Future

Time flies within a blink of an eye. After graduating from high school, I had plans on attending a university and even pledging in a sorority, but there was a change in the plan. In this essay, I will reflect on my past and how it has influenced me. Then, I will touch on experiences in my life that has made me the person that I am today. Finally and most importantly my goals I would like to accomplish for the future.

Growing up in a major city like Brooklyn, New York was a major challenge. Just like you would hear and see on television, New York City is the place that never sleeps. There was always something to get into, good or bad. Being raised in the “projects” had its ups and downs, but my family managed to stay strong through support from each other. I am the oldest of four children, so there was no...