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Coca Cola Strategies

Making necessary moves to establish positions in different businesses and achieve an appropriate amount and kind of diversification. A key part of corporate strategy is making decisions on how many, what types, and which specific lines of business the company should be in. This may involve deciding to increase or decrease the amount and breadth of diversification. It may involve closing out some LOB’s, adding others, and/or changing emphasis among LOB’s.

Initiating actions to boost the combined performance of the businesses the company has diversified into: This may involve vigorously pursuing rapid-growth strategies in the most promising LOB’s, keeping the other core businesses healthy, initiating turnaround efforts in weak-performing LOB’s with promise, and dropping LOB’s that are no longer attractive or don’t fit into the corporation’s overall plans. It also may involve supplying financial, managerial, and other resources, or acquiring and/or merging other companies with an existing LOB.

Pursuing ways to capture valuable cross-business strategic fits and turn them into competitive advantages – especially transferring and sharing related technology, procurement leverage, operating facilities, distribution channels, and/or customers.

Establishing investment priorities and moving more corporate resources into the most attractive LOB’s.

SWOT Analysis


World’s leading brand – Large scale of operations – Robust revenue growth in three segments

Improved Quality Control – Latest Technology – Heavy investment in both infrastructure and sales promotion campaigns – Modified and attractive packaging – Strong advertising network


Negative publicity – sluggish performance in North America – Decline in cash from operating activities

Entire infrastructure needs a facelift, unskilled labor, tight case policy, fear of retrenchment among the workers


Acquisitions intense competition – Growing bottled water market,...