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A. General Information

| | |

|Prepared by: |Eric Green, Greg Porter, Kyi Brown |

|Date: |1 October 2012 |

|Authorized by: |Eric Green, Greg Porter, Kyi Brown |

|Project Description (Summary) |The project will deliver a main software package that will manage inventory, project management, maintenance, integration,|

| |and security of IT development tools. The project will also include a management tool for managing source code reuse with |

| |a searchable index for easily searching for snippets of code and a package that will provide a backup process for all |

| |development projects, code, documents, and plans. This project at completion will create a network that can manage |

| |Information Technology (IT) development tools, within 12 months and at a cost not to exceed $34,500 (+50% of expected |

| |total cost). |

B. Stakeholder List

All Stakeholders are located in the same geographical locations

|Stakeholder Name / Title |Project Role...