7 Ways to Win Friends

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"7 Keys to Listening That Will Win You Friends, Improve Your Marriage, Boost Your Profits, And Make People Want To Follow You Anywhere!"

Dear Friend:

In this Special Report, I've chosen the topic of "listening" to explore with you.

I know you may have heard a great deal about listening already. Psychologists, therapists, and other communication experts constantly talk about the positive benefits of being a good listener. And you know what...

They're all right!

Being a great listener can win you friends, improve your marriage, boost your business profits or advance your career. It can make people feel so good about being with you that they'll literally follow you anywhere.

As a physician and stress counsellor, I've got to listen to people every day. If I don't this well, I might make a wrong diagnosis, miss some important fact, or make people feel that I'm not really interested in their welfare.

And when I get home, I've got to listen even more. I've got to listen to my wife, which I must admit I don't always do expertly. I've got to listen to my daughter and to anyone else who might call or drop by.

Whew! That's a lot of listening. You'd think that with all the practice we get, and with all the attention this skill has received, we'd all be pretty good at it. But you know what? Most of us aren't. We're not very good listeners much of the time. It's not because we're lazy, or stupid, or uncommitted, or anything like that. It's just that we all have trouble with listening because.....

Listening...is not a simple skill!

Contrary to what you may have been lead to believe, listening is an incredibly complex skill to master. There's so much going on that doesn't meet the eye, that it's silly to even try to cover the subject in just a few short pages.

So, even though our marriages and friendships depend very heavily upon good listening skills, and even though our customers, clients, and co-workers demand this from us constantly, most advice we receive about...