Intro to Health Care Delivery System

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Comparing and contrasting our system of health care delivery to that of our neighbor to the north.  Be sure to discuss all four standards




5 September 2012

In this case study we are going to look at two health care delivery systems, the United States and Canada. We will compare the health care delivery systems using the four standards. The first standard is access to health care. This simply means if a person is in need of health services, can they receive the service in a timely fashion. The next standard we will compare is cost. Cost is looked at in three different ways. Patients associate cost with out of pocket expenses, while providers associate cost with expenses for supplies and the staff’s payroll. The government associates the word cost with how much of the gross domestic product they spend on health care. The third standard we will look at and compare is the quality of care. How does the United States stand compared to Canada with the quality of care? The last standard we will discuss is continuity of care. Basically this covers all categories of continuum care such as, the relationship between the patient and the provider. How accurate are the medical records.

How does the United States compare to Canada in access to health care. The United States has more noninsured citizens than Canada. According to reports conducted in 2004 and 2005,”Even among above-average income respondents, the U.S. lagged considerably behind their counterparts in other countries” (Davis, Schoen, Schoenbaum, Audet, Doty, Homgren, Kriss, 2006). More Americans do not have a regular health care provider and bypassed the need for medicine. If the United States could lower the cost of health care costs, more Americans could possibly afford health care coverage. A big difference between Canada and the United States is Canada’s universal health insurance. Canada’s universal...