Animal Testing

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A Dilemma in Animal Testing

When the issue of Animal Testing is brought up in the way of a discussion, nearly every single person that is involved in this conversation will have thoughts that differ in some way, shape, or form. Many of the people in this world will chat about the terrible situation that animals are forced to live under, as well as the pain and suffering that they must bear while being tested. While animal testing might be cruel to animals it is needed in our world. The way I see it is animals should be tested upon even though it harms them or kills them. Animals are needed to find cures for us human beings. Productive testing can’t be done on humans. Overall, animals should be tested upon for the sake of us human beings.

To begin with, the conditions are not all that horrifying when taken in explanation the state if the world we live in. The problem can be argued upon positive and negative feedback for generations to come. It is a problem that will exist for a long period of time. Animal testing a problem with two totally opposite views; therefore, there exist the pros and cons of animal testing. The cons being animals are being dreadfully used in tests, but according to Roger Marshall, a huge amount of animals must be tested upon. The more testing on animals, the more reliable results. (Marshall 1) More cons will continue to state that animal testing is not needed and it serves an unreliable purpose.

Next, animal testing is a good thing because it can help find the cure for someone’s sickness. It can help advance in medical procedures and to top it all off it even helps cure their own kind animals. There have been many years passed where animals have been experimented and actually helped improve the human race. The more testing the more help us humans’ get. The probability of heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure will likely have increased if we did not posses the treatment we now have to control high blood pressure. According to the...