Love & Immigration

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True Love or marriage fraud?

Marring a Canadian or permanent resident of Canada is one of the easiest way to get permanent status in Canada. As the video shows how the immigration officer plays important role in the process of scanning the person applying immigration of the basis of marriage. But at the same time it is a responsibility of a person who marrying someone from other country and bringing him to Canada.

As they say “love is blind” it is very hard to recognize whether someone is really in love with you or faking it to get into your country. It becomes really hard for a person to find out whether he/she is marrying a right partner who will support him or become a liability on him/her. As the Canadian laws says once take the responsibility to bring someone to Canada as a spouse and sign the undertaking it’s you who have to pay government back if the persons goes on welfare. Person becomes permanent as soon as he lands to Canada with his spouse and gets eligible for the benefits. Government doesn’t forces or follow ups on the newly landed immigrant to make sure they are living with their partner or not. This law encourages more fake marriages. Where people know as soon as get in Canada no one can take them out from the country and they also sponsor they family back home on the basis of false or fake marriage this brings in lot of wrong people into country and government has no law to protect this act. Country is basically helping their people who want to have a family it’s their decision whether they want to marry someone from Canada or some other country. Government can only trained immigrant officers and border services officers to verify the case properly and make sure it is genuine. This doesn’t always work in favor of government all the time sometime rights ones are rejected and wrongs are accepted. It has never been easy for immigration officers to take decision. Even if the person realizes he or she has been as victim of fake marriage and...