Culture at Kudler Fine Foods

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Organizational culture is a system of shared values, assumptions, beliefs, and norms that unite the members of an organization (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin 2002). Organizational culture defines how people actually think, decide, and perform. Organizational culture is specific to each organization and how the mission statement and vision of the organization is presented, it also has an impact on how employees act and feel about the organization. Organizational culture also plays a role as to the type of employee the organization looks to hired and retained.[pic]

Each organization has various level of organizational culture. These various levels consist of: espoused values, visible culture and core beliefs. Espoused values are values that are not as easily identified as the elements within the visible culture. Visible culture is considered to be a tangible concept. Visible culture encompasses, but is not limited to what is heard, felt and seen. The level of core beliefs is the last organizational cultural level. This level is the most abstract of all levels. The core beliefs are basic beliefs present in an organization that provide the moral structure within the organization.

Kudler Fine Foods has an organizational culture that operates on the level of core beliefs. Kathy Kudler’s desire to develop a business was centered on a vision and the need for convenience. Kathy Kudler, who is a passionate gourmet cook, experienced frustration and anguish as a result of extensive travels to various establishments to procure gourmet items. With that in mind Kathy Kudler believed that others expressed the same sentiments. Kathy Kudler designed her company to satisfy the needs of the customer. The core beliefs of the company encompass quality, convenience, variety, superior customer service, and elite products. Kathy Kudler was able to communicate and receive buy in on her vision of the company this is very important to the culture of and organization,...