Career Development Plan

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Career Development Plan Part III- Performance and Career Management

Demetris Patterson

University of Phoenix

December 21, 2009

Career Development Plan Part III- Performance and Career Management

Mangers should incorporate a plan for employees to evaluate that could give valuable information about performance and career management. The information from this program can be used as a road map for employees to follow to help with the improvements and guidance of how to advance in performance and management. With this program in mind, I have gathered information to help with the incorporation of the program that I will be using to assist with my employee’s performance and career management. The information will provide feedback, achievement tips, team work, and budgeting information that will increase benefits.

Managers could avoid many issues if feedback pertaining to work performance was explained and evaluated with employees. This process could help managers eliminate issues before they get out of control and come up with solutions that would help in the future. Performance appraisal would help evaluate this program because it gives information on how the employee is doing within a time frame. Performance appraisal is “an exercise typically done once a year to identify and discuss job-relevant strengths and weakness of individuals or work team” (Cascio, 2005). Even though performance appraisal is given on a yearly base, I think that some companies need to give feedback more often to let employees know about problems so they could be handled as soon as possible. Some company has it documented in their policy that random feedback could be conducted if necessary. In this process, I would give feedback to my employees on daily bases encouraging them to participate in activities to learn their job well. Ways that I would do this are making them feel valuable and a great asset to the organization, incorporating some of their ideas to improve performance, and...