Interclean - Healthcare Sales Unit

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InterClean - Healthcare Sales Unit


This report is designed to identify the benefits and compensation plans at InterClean for the new healthcare sales unit. The report is divided up into three sections: The first section details the three levels of employees; the team manager, the team leads and the account salespeople, base salaries and bonuses, taking into account the 25th percentile, the median and the 75th percentile for all salary grades assuming the company is located in Colorado Springs, CO. (SalaryCenter, 2008) The second section describes other benefits and the options of using pretax or post tax dollars to pay for 401K, Healthcare and disability insurance. The final section describes how the compensation plan will work and the rewards package to motivate each employee to reach his or her peak performance.

Base Salary and Bonus

The three groups of employees for the healthcare sales unit are described as the team manager who oversees the operation of the sales unit, the team leads who will be responsible for both new and existing sales and salesperson that handles and proposes solutions for each account. This organization with the selected employees is shown in figure 1.

Figure 1

The following tables 1 – 3 show the median salary and bonuses offered for each employee grades. The 25 percentile would be the lowest grade while the 75 percentile highest salary and bonus package offered. Each year these tables will be adjusted to reflect inflation and cost of living.

Manager 25 percentile Median 75 percentile

Salary $64,708 $73,309 $85,406

Bonuses $7,999 $16,690 $34,285

Total $72,707 $89,999 $119,691

Table 1

Sales Team Lead 25 percentile Median 75 percentile

Salary $51,024 $61,545 $75,420

Bonuses $5,520 $11,779 $17,768

Total $56,544 $73,325 $93,188

Table 2

Sales Person 25 percentile Median 75 percentile

Salary $49,533 $58,731 $72,033

Bonuses $4,037 $8,559 $18,150

Total $53,570 $67,290 $90,183

Table 3...