Critical Analysis of the Story the Use of Force

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Critical Analysis of the Story The Use of Force

Critical Analysis of the Story "The Use of Force"

I chose to read and respond to the story “ The Use of Force.” This was my first choice because I can find myself in the story and can feel the message that it is putting across.

There is a time in everyone persons life when they lie in order to hide something that they are ashamed of their problem, or they don’t want to show that they are weak, or they don’t want to be helped. That’s the case with the little girl Matilda in this story. She is very sick, she had a fever for three days and her tonsils are covered with membrane. These are the symptoms of diphtheria, the life threatening sickness. The little girl was asked if her throat hurt, but she lyed saying that it didn’t. The doctor wanted to check it, just to make sure that everything is OK, but the little girl put up a big fight. The doctor was full of rage when the little girl wouldn’t open her mouth, “I could have torn the child apart in my own fury and enjoyed it. (36)” said the doctor. At the end the girl gave away after a lot of pain and hurting!

I didn’t have exactly the same problem, I didn’t have diphtheria and have to fight the doctors to open my mouth, but I did keep things away from my parents. Few years ago I got sick but I kept it from my parents because I didn’t think it was serious. I thought it was just like a common cold, but it turned to be much more serious. I got pneumonia and ended up being strapped on a breathing apparatus in order to breath! Luckily, with the right medications, I got better in few days.

Reading the story this episode with having pneumonia just flashed in my mind and I found relationship to my personal life. Details are different, I didn’t fight with the doctors to open my mouth, but I hide for days that I didn’t feel well and refused to be taken to see the doctor. This is because when I was little I used to dread of taking needles and I just hated doctors....