Decisions in Paradise Part I

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Decisions in Paradise Part I

Image taking romantic walks on the white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and feeling the tropical breeze in Kava an island country in the South Pacific. Image working in such a setting. Hello, my name is Nik, a recent graduate earning a business degree and landing a extraordinary job with Time Warner Cable an organization that possess immense potential. Time Warner Cable a leader in innovation bringing new ideas to change entertainment and communications (Time Warner Cable, 2009) is considering establishing a greater presence in Kava.

The first week on the job was overwhelming from introduction to the company, procedures and processes, making flight arrangements, and receiving an overview of Kava. The exact description of the job was not clear until landing in Kava to meet with Alex, the director of strategic planning. Surprisingly upon arrival in Kava, the vision of an exotic island previously imagined was wrong. Kava was a mess hit by numerous tsunami, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Heading to the first meeting with Alex many individuals would wonder if this island has the qualities or potential to produce economic growth for any business. However, during the initial meeting with Alex he explained why the founder of Time Warner Cable, Chris Morales, has an interest in the island and explained the company’s mission to connect people and businesses with information, entertainment, and each other. In the wake of this disaster, it is important to be there for the people of Kava and remove a small measure of worry.

The plan to launch this business venture will involve employing the people of Kava. Although this place is prone to natural disasters, the goal is to point out the benefits of this service on their island. The people of Kava will have access to broadcast news worldwide, including new about their very own island in addition programs for entertainment and educational. The assignment in this venture is to analyze,...