City Branding

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Abstract Introduction

• Literature

Contemporary city : International view of the context

• Urban regeneration • Cultural city • Management of Cities in the new Global Economy


• Definitions Corporate brand, product identity, brand product Business Identity Can be the place brand compared to a product brand? A corporate brand?

City branding

• Between sameness and difference: the dilemma • Objectives of city branding: economic or social? • Perception of the city: a personal experience • Causes of the complexity of city branding • What are the risks of city branding?

Conclusion Comments In-Depth Interviews Malcolm Allan – Director of Placebrands Case study Edinburgh’s case • Description of the website : design and content • Analysis of the design and the content Hong Kong’s case • Description of the website : design and content • Analysis of the design and the content Comparison – Interpretation Global conclusion Recommendations


How to design the brand of the contemporary city Sarah Tayebi | 2006, Sept.



City branding is an up-to-date issue, even if a little literature has until now paved the way of the understanding of this subject. This research aims at getting an overview of this issue to provide a better visibility of the different questions that it raises. In a first part, I go through the literature to have a sight of how it deals with this issue. The literature review also gathers different relevant information to provide a good understanding of the subject through the international context, branding, and last on city branding itself. Next, I relate words, which stems from interviews of people with different profiles to get an understanding of how practitioners perceive this concept, and whether exists a gap between practitioners and scholars. Last, I carry out a case study, which compares two websites presenting the brand of two cities:...