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World History & Geography 1 Essentials of World History to 1500 11

Ver. 3.1.10 – Rev. 2/1/2011


The following pages describe significant people, places, events, and concepts in the story of humankind. This information forms the core of our study; it will be fleshed-out by classroom discussions, audio-visual materials, readings, writings, and other activities. This knowledge will help you understand how the world works and how humans behave. It will help you understand many of the books, news reports, films, articles, and events you will encounter throughout the rest of your life.

The Student’s Friend

World Histor y & Geogra phy 1

Essentials of world history to 1500


What is history? History is the story of human experience. Why study history? • History shows us how the world works and how humans behave. • History helps us make judgments about current and future events. • History affects our lives every day. • History is a fascinating story of human treachery and achievement.


What is geography? Geography is the study of interaction between humans and the environment. Why study geography? • Geography is a major factor affecting human development. • Humans are a major factor affecting our natural environment. • Geography affects our lives every day. • Geography helps us better understand the peoples of the world.


Overview of history Some basic concepts Unit 1 - Origins of the Earth and Humans Unit 2 - Civilization Arises in Mesopotamia & Egypt Unit 3 - Civilization Spreads East to India & China Unit 4 - Civilization Spreads West to Greece & Rome Unit 5 - Early Middle Ages: 500 to 1000 AD Unit 6 - Late Middle Ages: 1000 to 1500 AD Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 5 Page 9 Page 13 Page 17 Page 21

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