Build a Global Business from Hk Base

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Building a Global Business

from a Hong Kong Base

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|1 | | |Question statement |3 |

|2 | | |PEST analysis for global business |3 |

|3 | | |Acquisition and enhancing asset base |8 |

|4 | | |Branding and quality |9 |

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1. Question statement:

Your views about Building a Global Business from a Hong Kong Base

2. PEST analysis for global business:

PEST analysis:

By PEST analysis, we can see the political, economic, social and technological factors’ changes or situation that affecting a business. There are some key milestones of the world among those categories. Starting from 1990, the democracies among societies had been increased greatly. Besides, different people born and growth in different decades were named in different ways and represented different characteristics of people generations. In 1970s, the people were called “Generation X”. In 1980s, people were called “Generation Y” and people were called “The internet Gen” from 2000s. For technology growth, it was boosted rapidly in recent years. During 1970s, mini computer was launched. And, PC computers was developed in 1980s. Then, 1990 – 2000s, Lab tops, palms, mobile computer, net books, etc. dominated the market. In mobile communication, cell...