Career Development Plan Part 1 – Job Analysis and Selection

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Career Development Plan Part 1 – Job Analysis and Selection

Karla Green

University of Phoenix

October 20, 2009

Career development plan

Training and mentoring

Our traing and mentoring program will be designed to help support all employees career paths. It will address the company needs and assist the employees in identifying their goals. In addidtion to the above, it provides individual training to will assist employees to improve their skills.

Initially, employees will be asked to jot down a specific goal. After their goals have been identified, a schedule will be developed to provide on the job training both onsite and offsite in relation to their goals. Milestones will be established and deadlines will be set when each training objective must completed. Employees, who have finished training will not be left without any support.

The mentoring program will give new employees a mentor to help them adapt to their new position, and this will continue throughout their entire careet with our company, but they will be expected to become more independent as they continue to learn and grow in their positions.

Here talk about how the staff will be trained to do their job. Discuss a mentoring program to help the staff progress on the job after their training is complete.

Performance Standards

Routinely, we will assess job performance to critique how they are doing their jobs. The first evaluation will be done at six months, then one year, and annually on a continuous basis. Evaluations will give supervisors, managers, and employees the opportunity to both give and receive both positive and corrective feedback. A few items that will be a focus of the performance standards are the employee’s characteristics. In this section, we would discuss how they work independently, team projects, and dependability. Another part will consist of analyzing their knowledge and job skills, here we will give details for specifics tasks...