Apple Ceo

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Please use APA format for your references. Your references should in in the text as well as listed at the bottom. Please limit your references to 3 for the founders and 2 for the current CEO.

You will be graded on the following:

1. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation (1 point off for each incorrectly spelled or used word, or missing punctuation mark).

2. Length of paragraphs (for each missing word you will lose .5 point. For example, if you have 290 words and were supposed to write 300, you automatically lose 5 points)

3. References. Failure to reference your sites in your paper is an automatic -1 deduction. Failure to use APA format -1 deduction for each failure. Any paragraph without a reference is an automatic 0 on the paragraph.

4. Validity of content. If the information reported in the report is invalid or incorrect, you will automatically earn a 0.

5. Validity of references. Any reference that is not valid or relevant is an automatic 0 for the paper.

Describe the backgrounds for the FOUNDERS of Apple. Please discuss where they grew up, where they went to college and if relevant graduate school, their previous work experience and how old they were when they started Apple. Also discuss where they got their funding to start Apple. Please reference where you found your information in the space provide below. This section should be about 300 words. 343/300

Apple in the past was pretty much synonymous with Steve Jobs. The fact is that it was co-founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. There was a third partner who got cold feet early on. Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco and was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. At the age of 5 they moved to Mountain View, California. Jobs graduated from high school and then attended a semester of college at Reed College. He dropped out due to lack of money but he went on to attend classes unofficially for about 18 months after that. He worked at both Atari and HP briefly. Some sources say that Jobs and Wozniak...