Web Site Development Life Cycle

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Article Summary: Web Site Development Life Cycle

I found this article about web site development life cycle very interesting. This article helped me to learn more about SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) from different point of view. Article approaches to SDLC as a traditional “waterfall” model of system development and it is different from SDLC what we have studied in our class. This traditional “waterfall” model of system development has six phases. And each of these phases must be completed before moving on into next step. Process of these phases are not simple as the diagram of the article shows. Each of these phases must be familiarized in order to put together a design of web site project. This article describes in detail each phase of the web site development life cycle, breaking them down into two different categories:

• Purpose

• Principal tools

According to this article traditional “waterfall” model of system development has six phases and it includes the following phases:

• Feasibility

• Analysis

• Design

• Construction and Testing

• Launch

• Maintenance

Feasibility. As article describes on this phase it is needed to identify the need for the web site design. Whether it is going to be a new website, or it is going to be a project to improve the existing projects. After identifying the need for the project, it is important to get an approval from the organization. Next step would be calculating the amount of rough budget that is going to be spent on the project. Principal tools used on this phase are interviewing or analysis. This could include interviewing the staff of the organization and the management. Interview the visitors for the web site is also a good option, to have a better idea what kind of changes on the web site visitors are expecting. In addition, the cost of the project should be analyzed, it should be determined if the cost worth the benefits that the organization will get from the design of this web site.