Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose

Being the WTO’s 150th member on 11 January 2007, Vietnam has had a big chance to accelerate the economy as well as face significant challenges and problems. Consequently, Vietnam has had to concern itself in globalization. Globalization could enhance the international integration of market for goods, services, technology, ideas, capital, and labor. As a person who has a big interest in economy and a desire to have a successful career in multi-national business environment, I wish to have a chance to participate in the internationalization and globalization of my country.

With the belief that a strong educational background is an ideal platform for a successful career, I have studied with the highest engrossment and exertion. As a deserved award for my hard work, I received the scholarship for the best outstanding students in the accounting department in my university for the last-two-year of my undergrad program. In addition to study at school, I also got a certified accounting technician which gives me a deeply knowledge about international accounting frameworks and concepts. At that time, it was crucial for me to prepare and develop my knowledge about internationalization which would directly affect in my future job and career.

Parallel to improving my specialized knowledge, I also accumulated experience with a half of year working as a stock broker in VNS Securities Company and nearly 2 years as an accountant in Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam. In my first job, I had a chance to enhance my knowledge not only about the tied relationships among the world’s stock market as well as Vietnamese stock market but also about the characteristics of these markets. With the ambition to be successful in financial and banking areas, I decided to change my job and worked as an Accountant for one of the biggest banks in my country. Not only did it help me practice and improve my skills, but also I had opportunities to acquire new...